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Since establishment we in Unimedya believe that the future communication media will be based on Packet Switched Technologies, this led us to invest in our ISP business in 1996 where we were the 1st company to offer commercial internet services in the Aegean region of Turkey. We also believe strongly that "Video" is a major element which can be used to improve the "quality" of communication.

The "businesses challenge" has always been to improve product performance, reduce time to market, improve customer satisfaction and thereby gain customer loyalty. The successful deployment of communication technologies within an organization is one of, if not the, major tool which can facilitate these performance improvements.

The "life challenge" is to be able to meet and interact with our family and friends for entertainment and recreation.

Our view was; and still is that one common denominator able to meet these challenges is an IP based Video enabled Network.

Following the evolution of communication technologies from Letter to Telex via Fax through E-Mail and onto Instant Messaging, to name but a few, it is not difficult to predict that video enabled communication is the next logical step on the road.

Unfortunately the bandwidth demand which "video" places on a network has hitherto restricted the mass deployment of this technology. However once an "opportunity" is recognized, technology tends to attack the "problem" on all fronts until the obstacle is removed and a gain is made.

For example xDSL technologies improve Network access and available bandwidth. Improved compression algorithms (H.264 / MPEG 4) reduce the bandwidth "stress" video places on a network. Network management techniques have evolved providing QoS (Quality of Service) over packet switched networks. Network protocols have evolved to improve usability e.g. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Micro processor improvements reduce the cost per MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) Imaging technology improvements deliver low cost high definition cameras. To highlight but just a few "technology" attacks on the "problem"

It should therefore be reasonably clear that the elements are in place today to make mass deployment of Video enabled communication a commercial reality.

The story does not end there though all these improvements will continue. Cellular technologies will bring mobility (3G is here now) reducing MCU (Multi Conferencing Unit) port prices will enable more Multi-conferencing to take place, new markets and applications will emerge taking advantage of what Technology is already available but more significantly making more demands to further improve and refine the Technology and improve the performance of our businesses and the quality of our lives.

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