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Internet Screen Phone

Targetting Home & Office usage, Internet Screen Phone has been designed over an embedded platform that does not require hard disk like storage media. Out of many, the operating system of the unit over which Internet and Intelligent Phone applications are running is chosen to be more reliable, and with less RAM/ROM memory requirements.

This unit provides the means to connect to the internet over the phone line. The unit as well serves as an intelligent phone. The user should simply plug the power cord and connect the unit to the phone line. The details of Applications and the User Interface, and also hardware and software specifications of the Internet Screen Phone are presented below.

Applications and User Interface;

  • Simple to use desktop and informative taskbar,
  • .one touch. internet connection over dial-up modem,
  • configurable ISP settings,
  • E-mail send and receive,
  • Intelligent Telephone with phonebook, handsfree support,
  • Monochrome LCD screen in resolution of 320x240,
  • Integrated keyboard, mouse cursor keys, and phone keypad,
  • Answering machine, (future)

Software technical specifications;

  • Operating system
    • QNX 4.25
    • true microkernel brings more reliability
  • Windowing system
    • Photon microkernel
    • API similar to Motif and X
  • Voyager 2.0 web browser
    • HTML 3.2,
    • HTTP1.0
    • Javascript
    • Frames,
    • Plug-ins
    • Images; JPEG,GIF
    • SSL support in next browser release,
    • Java support through third parties,
  • Voyager e-mail client
    • SMTP, POP3,
    • HTTP1.0
    • list, read, reply, forward, delete

Hardware technical specifications;

  • V32.bis 14.4K internal modem, or 56K external modem over RS232 port,
  • Smart card and magnetic card reader,
  • Relatively low RAM/ROM memory requirement,
  • On board Flash or DOC, no hard disk required,
  • PCMCIA support (future)
  • Parallel port support (future)

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